Data Privacy Statement

Our Approach to Privacy

In order to give you the ultimate customer experience, is heavily committed in safeguarding your privacy through our dedicated transparency system in managing your personal information.  For this reason, our designed privacy policy will make you easily know how we collect, store, use, share and secure the personal information you have entrusted to us.

Privacy Policy

This privacy policy was created and designed to secure your personal information based on the Philippine law under the Privacy Act of 2012. According to the law, the Personal information referred to in this policy is any information or data that determines your identify or contact information.


Our Privacy Policy describes:

  1. The reason behind our personal information collection
  2. The type or the kind information we collect
  3. The people to which we share your information with
  4. Our means of securing your personal information
  5. The options you can take include the ways for you to check and make any personal information we possess about you become up to date
  6. What will be the possible significant effects to the information you’ve trusted with us once there are changes in our privacy policy

In exchange for the use of our products and services, you are compelled to automatically give consent to the Privacy Policy of (we, our, us) and its subsidiaries, affiliates, and subcontractors to use, access, transfer, store and process your personal information as mentioned in this Privacy Policy.

Why we collect personal information

For us to significantly make improvements in our products and services, it is essential and necessary for us to collect, process, use, and analyze the personal information we obtain from you given that it is reasonable and fair in your side. As much as possible, we organize in categories and keep this information anonymous to keep you safe from being identified as a personal individual.



Specifically, we are processing your information to use for the following activities:

  1. In organizing and managing your account, and in providing quality customer service. The information also serves to monitor the quality and security system of the network, and for the personal training of our staff. It seeks to utilize the acquired information to provide services efficiently ensuring you that it will be in accordance with the law in the name of fairness when using the services of
  2. In sending promotional advertisements, reward offers, customer service care, surveys, and after-sales, etc.
  3. In sharing your personal information with your subscribed third-party content providers or other third-party services.
  4. During the period of research conduct and marketing activities, which include activities related to acquisition of non-personally identifiable location, crowd traffic, and any other important information related to marketing purposes.
  5. Formulate statistical findings from the given information to help the Government plan the best system for healthcare, disaster reduction, and any other support related to it.
  6. To stimulate programs related to credit scoring which includes, but not limited to, supplying information to the Credit Information Corporation which is strictly in accordance to Republic Act No. 9501, also known as the Credit Information System Act; and
  7. In carrying out processing performance or disclosure that may be necessary in fulfilling the law or regulations.


For the cases in which your full consent and authorization is given, we are processing your personal data for the purpose of the following:

  1. In creating your personal profile, the information included will be based on the fields of your interests, preferences, locations that you may visit, and any other information that are relevant for the purpose of research and marketing.
  2. In sharing your personal profile from essential information such as your interests, preferences, your physical locations, to our subsidiaries, partners and third-party outsourced service providers.
  3. To compute your credit score from the data that was internally acquired and impart your present credit score to your personally-authorised third-parties.
  4. Distribute your information for the purpose of promotional advertisements to our business partners and outsourced providers.


What type of information we collect

In order to provide the best service for all our subscribers, we collect the type of information that is most basic in a sense that it can be utilized to use for offering promos that suits best for various users, in which they find interesting and significant.  


The information that we include are:

Who you are

We include the most basic personal information from your profile such as your name, date of birth, gender, nationality, address, and other documents that support your identity including but not limited to social security, tax identification numbers, and passport.

Information that you personally give us

The most personal information that we can acquire are those that you willingly give. We acquire information from you when you:

  • Register an account and sign up to use our products and services
  • Resort to apply for subscription to our services via input of information on our Service Application Form or Customer Information Sheet
  • Every time you communicate with us by asking important questions, and when you file a complaint for a certain service
  • Engage in answering the surveys for research provided
  • Register and sign up in our events such as trade shows
  • During job application interview


Information we acquire  during our business partnership with you

We also collect information as you use our products & services, like when you:

  • Use our networks – whether it is mobile, Wi-Fi, or other channels;
  • Pay your bill or purchase add-on products and services;
  • Use our apps, websites and self-service channels;
  • Purchase items from our apps and websites; and
  • Join our promos, prize raffles or reward & loyalty programs

We also collect anonymous information to help us tailor our Web sites and Applications to visitor interests and concerns; we also use this to improve our Applications for overall user experience. We use “cookies” to help us understand which parts of our Web sites and Applications are the most popular, where our users are going and how much time they spend there. The information that is gathered through cookies is used solely to assist in improving both our Web sites and Applications design and function. Our Web sites are functional without the retention of cookies. You may elect to block cookies from our Web sites through your browser settings. 
We also automatically track certain information about you based upon your behavior on our Web site and Applications. We use this information to do internal research on our Users’ demographics, interests, and behavior to better understand, protect and serve you and our community. This information may include browsing history and your IP address.

Information we collect from other sources

We also collect information from commercially or publicly available sources like published directories and public documents. We may also obtain your personal information from third parties (credit agencies) and from other sources which you have given consent for the disclosure of such information relating to you and where otherwise lawfully permitted.

Who we share your information with

We will never share, rent or sell your personal information to third parties outside (or the group of companies of which is part of) except in limited circumstances as noted in this policy. In some instances, we may be required to disclose your personal information to our agents, subsidiaries, affiliates, partners and other third party agencies as part of business operations and the provision of our products and services. This means we might share your information with:

  • Our partner companies, organizations, or agencies including their sub-contractors or prospective business partners that act as our service providers, contractors, professional advisers who help us provide our products and services, for example our couriers for bill delivery and our customer contact centers for our hotline operations;
  • Other companies in the PLDT Group of companies ;
  • Law enforcement and government agencies; and
  • Other companies whom you have also given consent to share your information


How we protect your information

The integrity, confidentiality and security of your information are particularly important to us. That’s why we strictly enforce our privacy policy within the company and we have implemented technological, organizational and physical security measures that are designed to protect your information from unauthorized access, use, alteration and disclosure. We also put in effect safeguards such as:

  1. We keep and protect your information using a secured server behind a firewall, encryption and security controls;
  2. We restrict access to your information only to qualified and authorized personnel who hold your information with strict confidentiality;
  3. We undergo regular audit and rigorous testing of our infrastructure’s security protocols to ensure your data is always protected.


What happens when there are changes in this policy

From time to time, may change this privacy policy to comply with government and regulatory requirements; to adapt to new technologies and protocols; to align with industry practices; or for other legitimate purposes. You will always be provided notice if these changes are material and, if we are required by law, we will also obtain your consent.


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